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Denis Wick DW5531 Series Adjustable Trumpet Cup Mute


Yamaha SB7X2 Silent Brass Mute System for Trumpet, Authorized USA Dealer


Humes & Berg 112 Stonelined Pixie Straight Trumpet Mute


Humes & Berg 108 Stonelined Velvetone Trumpet Mute 4 in.


Jo-Ral TPT-2C Trumpet Aluminum / Copper Bubble Mute NEW!!


103 Trumpet Cleartone Mute


Soulo Mute SM6525 Copper Bottom Trumpet Straight Mute


Harmon G1 Aluminum Trumpet Straight Mute for Beginners or Professionals


Humes & Berg 152 Tenor Trombone Cup Mute


Charles Davis French Horn Mute QuinnTheEskimo


Vintage TOM CROWN Bb Trumpet Straight Mute Brass Bottom 6"


Charles Davis Trumpet Adjustable Cup Mute QuinnTheEskimo


Harmon B Wow Wow Aluminum Trumpet Mute


RARE Vintage CORNET Musical Instrument Mute


Vintage HARMON B Model Aluminum Trumpet "Wow-Wow" Mute 5"


Jo-Ral 2C Trumpet Aluminum/Copper Bubble Mute


Charles Davis Aluminum Straight Trombone Mute QuinnTheEskimo


Jo-Ral 1C Trumpet Mute


Protec Mute Sock with ID Window Medium


Humes & Berg 102 Trumpet Cup Mute


Vintage TOM CROWN Aluminum Cup Mute for Trumpet 6"


Vintage Shastock Trumpet Mute


Vintage lot of 4 Horn Trumpet Mutes


4A Aluminum Trumpet Bucket Mute


New Practice Trumpet Straight Mute Aluminum 5.31"


Tom Crown Trumpet Straight Mute Bb Silver Brass (Excellent Condition!)


Humes & Berg **Vintage** Stone Lined "Sh! Sh! Quiet" Trumpet Practice Mute


Honbay Lightweight Aluminum Practice Trumpet Mute Silencer for Jazz


Vintage HUMES & BERG Stoned Lined Velvetone-Mute for Trumpet 4"


Vintage Ray Robinson Horn Trumpet Cup Mute USA


Harmon J1 Aluminum Cup Combo Trumpet Mute


FREETONE Trumpet Straight mute


vintage LEBLANC Trombone MUTE Roy Main


Liberty Trumpet Adjustable Cup Mute


Aluminum Trumpet Trombone Mute Vintage Thumb